Branding — logos and trademarks

A logo is like a corporation’s greeting, developed to assist a company in
positioning itself in the marketplace. It doesn't need to be beautiful but a
successful logo need to be credible, supportive, powerful and memorable
and will be of great value for the growth and image of any organization. 

Cochran Char is a top notch Honolulu interior design firm. 
The two different letter forms are representative of each principal.


Castle Hospital on Oahu is a medium-size facility which provides most
of the services of larger medical institutions (proposed).

DataHouse is Hawai‘i’s largest computer company, specializing in
complete computer systems, programming and maintenance. 

First Night is a large celebration downtown, with performances of music, theater, dance 
and many other forms of entertainment. The moon and ukulele can be alternated with a
variety of Hawai‘ian and performance related images. It is part of a nationwide event. 

Century Hawai‘i Realty, a Honolulu real estate company required a mark that would
convey personalized services and retain its strength in newspaper advertising.

Errands Unlimited in Honolulu, specializes in organizing special events, from small to large.
The trademark needed to be memorable, self-explanatory with a sense of fun.


Hamakua Sugar Company is one of the larger sugar companies 
on the Big Island of Hawai‘i.

Environment Hawai‘i is the foremost newsletter on the environment in Hawai‘i. 
The simple style of the turtle is used to make the subject friendly and approachable.

The Hawai‘i Pacific Games was planned as an ‘Olympic event’ for Pacific Rim 
countries, to be held in Hawai‘i. The concept was fun and movement, with a nod 
to the colors of the real Olympics (two proposed versions).

House of Music operates a chain of music stores in Hawai‘i. The combination 
of the two images makes it a one-of-a-kind strong trademark.

A strong contemporary "labor union" image was needed for 
Local 5 – Hotel, Restaurant Employees and Bartenders Union. 

Maui Pineapple Company, which is owned by Maui Land & Pineapple Co., required its 
own separate corporate identity. The center of the trademark adopts a portion of the parent company’s trademark reflecting it’s affiliation.


Based in Hong Kong, Intellium Advisory works extensively with clients in Asia and
Europe in the field of international finance (Naming and Logo Design).

Based in Hawai‘i, Unitek is a group of related companies. Including ship 
repair, electronics and construction. Reflecting a ships construction drawings, 
each side of the trademark is different. 

Part of a Japanese company, Sujaku USA’s speciality is natural health products derived
from pine trees, particular pine nut and pine nut shells. Essential was a strong, memorable
mark that would keep its strength on the company's small packaging.

Stork-Werkspoor Diesel
, The Netherlands, manufactures high-quality diesel engines,
railroad cars and related products. A logotype rather than a trademark was developed
to be compatible with a previous developed font in use by the SWD group.


AdMark is a high-end recruiting company for global financial companies.
Requirements for the mark were: make it simple to use and easily recognizable.

Travel Advisors International, this specialized travel agency was in need of a new corporate 
identity to beapplied on all its materials. The trademark is executed in gray, black or silver.

Smoki Foods of Hawai‘i markets its products, smoked Hawaiian
seafood and smoked salmon, to tourists and locals alike. 

This popular Hawai‘i fast food restaurant was an established company but
limited in 
growth by an outdated appearance. The principal requirement was to provide
Zippy’s with
 a visual vocabulary to appeal to all groups in the community.