Book Design

Before I start to design a book I like to read the text first, at least most
of it. The design of some books flow easy as a miracle. Those are often
the books that keep looking fresh and the design stays current.
I love to design books like these. And as any book-lover can tell you
those books come with their own spirit and energy. 

Tori Richard, The First Fifty Years

Fifty years of contemporary but sophisticated fashionfrom one of 
Hawaii’s foremost companies. Written by Jocelyn Fujii.


Stories of Aloha

More than any glossy photo book, this is one my favorite books on Hawaii, truly
 ordinary people, musicians, mom and pop shops, artists, writers, singers and so
much more.
 Written by Jocelyn Fujii, published by Hula Moon Press, Honolulu.


The Persis Collection of Contemporary Art

The cover and design clearly reflect the fine art of the contemporary collection as well
asthe parallel stories of its founders. Written by Jocelyn Fujii and Published by: Goodale
Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kahala, The Hotel that Could Only Happen Once

This is a book on the 25-year history of what was then the Kahala Hilton and
 people, guests, events and even recipes that made it a Hawai‘i landmark. 


Paul Mitchell: Who Was He?

Paul Mitchell was the “hairstylist’s hairstylist” whose work appeared on the top
magazine covers of his time. He started in London with Vidal Sassoon, 
moved to
New York and Hawai‘i, and revolutionized hairdressing with 
hair cuts that
redefined and liberated women. This illustrated biography of 
the iconic artist
reveals the magic behind the man. Written by Jocelyn Fujii


Chronicles of aYella Dog
Written by Paul A. Kreiling with illustrations by Akiva Levi

Wonderful real life stories about a very special dog called Moose who touched
anyone he met.
 Available from the publisher Right Brain Productions: